Novella and notes

I See it Red

Part One of I See it Red, an original historical fiction novella, completed in April, 2018 as my Master’s project. I’m currently making minor renovations prior to attempting publication.

Set before and during Ireland’s Easter Rebellion in 1916–about 1200 Irish facing off against 27,000 British troops. Obviously the Irish lost that battle. They lasted six days. Eventually, the Rising led to the Irish Revolution and independence from Britain.

Partially “scrubbed” from the history books, several hundred of these rebels were women–not just bandage rollers and sandwich makers, although that was important. These women were soldiers, gun runners, snipers, couriers, spies, commanders, doctors.

The rebellion was inspired by, and in some instances, troops were led by Irish poets, schoolteachers, writers, and playwrights. My protagonist hails from both camps–a writer and sniper. (Why not? I see the correlation.)

Part 2 is in the works. Hoping to get Part 1 published soon some way or another.


(C)  2018 by Susan Walsh