This is a poem that’s loosely based on the Ghazal (guzzle) an Arabic poem or ode to passion and separation–originating in the 7th century. Five to fifteen couplets with an intricate rhyme scheme.


At Last

Where do you go when you’ve no place to turn? think fast.

When you say ‘get out’ and he doesn’t return, think fast.


When you slide the deadbolt and thank your escape

From the imperfect storm that caused this churn, think fast.


When you hear your heart in your ears, shut out the roar

Inertia or love, let old brush burn, think fast.


When you’re walking alone and the night gives a howl

Who is it that’s joined in your lonely sojourn? think fast.


When you see ghosts in the corner and in the mirror

And you ask them to share a glass of sauterne, think fast.


When you thought you knew but you still have to learn, think fast.

When you call out his name, best be on an urn, think fast.