Good advertising, like all compelling stories, starts with a nugget of truth.  Whether emotional, humorous, comfortable or uncomfortable: Truth strikes a chord. Draws people in. Makes them want to trust, like, identify with, and buy your brand. I have a talent for finding the right truth and telling it the right way. Maybe it was growing up in Slippery Rock, PA. In a small town, people cut to the chase and aren’t afraid to call BS. I still look at my words through a “Pennsylvania prism” to make sure a brand truth rings true.

No one lives by advertising alone. I also love roller skating, cats, my crazy family and writing fiction while fully caffeinated.

This website is divided into two sections: WalshWorks  is my advertising portfolio. WalshWords is a collection of poetry, flash fiction, essays, and a preview of my new novella.  It’s all relevant: Short stories, poetry, screen plays and novels are experiential storytelling. Always adding (and subtracting) stuff so come back soon.

Walsh Works


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Walsh Words


It’s hard to imagine…

of the 171,476 words in current use in the English language,

the 47,156 obsolete words

and the 9,500 derivative words,

I will find the right ones.

Challenge accepted.

Welcome to the “Fine Arts” portion of my website. But realize: The same sort of mind that writes poetry, short fiction, screen plays and novels is uniquely suited to producing branded content, disruptive advertising, conceptual narratives and experiential storytelling that goes well beyond the ordinary.


(C)  2018 by Susan Walsh. All rights reserved on all content in this section. But send my link to friends and colleagues.


The first thing to know about me: It’s not about me. 

I don’t have to stand out. But my work has to be outstanding, so that my clients do.The other thing to know: I love the advertising business. What other profession allows you to learn so many random things?

For instance, did you know:

  • Dental implants were first done over 5000 years ago with tooth roots constructed from seashells.
  • Owens Corning products protect against temperatures from -450º to 1200º Fahrenheit.
  • Torque measures power. Acceleration measures speed.
  • The red wax that seals every bottle of Makers Mark Bourbon was the owners’s wife’s idea; she first heated it in a deep fryer.
  • Certain potatoes are engineered to include jellyfish DNA.

I like to learn everything I can, because you never know when a random fact will trigger something no no has thought of before.



A piece of Sudden Fiction (under 750 words):   WALTER Opening for Bone Bayou Band Hallahan’s $25 dollars for center table tickets. June 29   We leapt onto the stage. All of us were there except Walter, star of the band and lead bass guitarist. Other than that and the fact I felt like puking, …

I Didn’t Know

A “list” poem, written a few years ago.   Green walls not green-shoot new-life green, rotting-flesh dying-toad green Hospital green,   I sit, eyes darting walls ceiling floor   bed brain dying, husband lying there, knowing pain   is the last to go names—mine, our daughter’s, his own— and streets and who’s president and how old are …


Sudden fiction: It never fails. It’s a bright sunny day, you convince yourself everything is A-OK, and you get gobsmacked. I don’t know why that word popped into my head but it was the only one that worked. I’d barely gotten to my room. The cold-eyed witch Alison Swanson appeared: “Karen, come to my office.” She …